MRDS Sponsored Sessions: ICMS 2013

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We hope you’ll join us at the following sessions and events, part of the 48th International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, MI, May 9 to 12, 2013.

Session 201. Post Death/After Life on the Medieval and Early Modern Stage

Friday, May 10, 10:00 AM

Location: Fetzer 1045

Chair: Kisha G. Tracy (Fitchburg State University)


  • “‘Loke þat 3e be of ryght good chere’: From Counsel to Christ in the N-Town Lazarus,” Frank M. Napolitano (Radford University)
  • ”Night of the Living Bread: Resurrection Theology in the Chester Antichrist Play,” Cameron Hunt McNabb (Southeastern University)
  • “Saints and Whores: Anatomizing Female Sexuality on the Early Modern Stage,” Christine Gottlieb (University of California, Los Angeles)

Session 277. Performing the End Times: Medieval and Medievalism

Friday, May 10, 1:30 PM

Location: Schneider 1335

Chair: Jill Stevenson (Marymount Manhattan College)


  • “Play It Again: The Manuscripted (After)Life of the Ludus de Antichristo,”
    Kyle A. Thomas (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
  • “Struggle to the After Life: The Trouble with Being Dead on the Medieval Stage,” Jesse Njus (University of California, Santa Barbara)
  • “The Admiral of Sackcloth and Cord: Christopher Columbus Performs the End of Times,”
    Christopher Swift (New York City College of Technology, CUNY)

Session 317. Celebration

Friday, May 10, 3:30 PM

Location: Schneider 1120

Chair: Susannah Crowder (John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY)


  • “Let’s Get Loud: Festivity and Containment in Revivals of the Chester Plays,” Matthew Sergi (Wellesley College)
  • “Bogus Bishops and Capering Cuckolds: The Medieval Carnivalesque in Contemporary Celebrations of a Major Saint’s Day,” Martin W. Walsh (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
  • “Two Capons, Twenty Plovers, and a Porpoise to the Property Player: Food at English Parish and Civic Plays,” Ernst Gerhardt (Laurentian University)
  • “Performance of Celebratory Graduation Speeches in the Medieval English University,”
    Thomas Meacham (LaGuardia Community College, CUNY)
  • “Topography, Celebration, and Performance in Medieval East Anglia,” James Stokes (University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point)

Session 363. Speaking in Tongues: Reconsidering Macaronic Performance Texts

Saturday, May 11, 10:00 AM

Location: Valley I 103

Chair: Mario B. Longtin (University of Western Ontario)


  • “How to Speak English like a Sarasin: The Unrecognized Language as a Source of Dramatic Fiction: The Case of the Farce Colin, fils de Thevot,” Emilie Pilon-David (University of Western Ontario)
  • “The Tongues of Men and Angels: Functions of Polyglotism in Early German Drama,” Stephen Wright (Catholic University of America)
  • “‘Ho Ho Ri Ha He’: Linguistic Otherness in French Mystery Plays,” Vicki Hamblin (Western Washington University)

Annual Business Meeting

Friday, May 10, 5:15 PM

Location: Fetzer 1045