MRDS Officers and Council Members

Executive Council

Carolyn Coulson (ending 2023)
Emma Maggie Solberg (ending 2023)
Frank Napolitano (ending 2022)

Council Members

Mark Chambers (ending 2024)
University of Durham
Harry Cushman (ending 2023)
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Lofton Durham (ending 2022)
Western Michigan University
Christina Fitzgerald (ending 2024)
University of Toledo
Elizabeth E. Tavares (ending 2023)
University of Alabama
Clare Wright (ending 2022)
University of Kent, Canterbury

Newsletter Secretary

Gerard P. NeCastro (ex-officio)
Dean, College of Liberal Arts
West Liberty University
208 University Avenue
West Liberty, WV 26074

Web Team

Elizabeth E. Tavares
Jesse Hurlbut