MRDS Sponsored Sessions: ICMS 2019

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We hope you’ll join us at the following sessions and events, part of the 54th International Congress on Medieval Studies, May 9–12, 2019. Click here for the full schedule of MMTF events.

Session 162. New Voices in Early Drama Studies

Friday, May 9, 10:00 AM

Location: Bernhard Brown & Gold Room

Chair: Theresa Coletti (University of Maryland)


  • "Remembering Not to Forget: Wisdom and the Performance of Memory," Ann Hubert (St. Lawrence University)
  • "Medieval English Drama and Agricultural Polemic," Alexandra Atiya (Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto)
  • "Stages of Characters’ Names in the Manuscript BnF fr 25566," Nouha Gammar (University of Virginia)

Session 221. Summer Games

Friday, May 9, 1:30 PM

Location: Bernhard Brown & Gold Room

Chair: Gordon Kipling (University of California, Los Angeles)


  • "'It{em} Rec{euyd} for thencrease of the mayale’: Summer Games in England," Alexandra F. Johnston (Records of Early English Drama)
  • "Hooligans or Good Neighbors? Reading Records of Summer Games," Peter Greenfield (University of Houston)
  • "Summer Games and the Neighborhood in Wiltshire," Rosalind C. Hays (Dominican University)

Session 279. Stranger Things: Supernatural Effects on the Medieval and Early Modern Stage

Friday, May 9, 3:30 PM

Location: Bernhard Brown & Gold Room

Chair: Cameron Hunt McNabb (Southeastern University)


  • "Technology and the Supernatural in Early Modern Theater Iconography: Christoffel van Sichem’s Faustus Illustration and the B-text Version of Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus," John Warrick (North Central College)
  • "Slaughtered Babes and Witchcraft in Two King’s Men’s Plays," Karen Sawyer Marsalek (St. Olaf College)
  • "Holy Theatrics: Relics Onstage in Le Mistere de Saint Quentin," Emily Ciavarella Kuntz (Columbia University)
  • "'I am too much i’ the sun': The Ghost of Hamlet and the Psychological Burden of Filial Obligation," Melissa Pullara (Carleton University)

Session 355. Contemporary Productions of Medieval Plays

Saturday, May 10, 3:30 PM

Location: Schneider 1125

Chair: Robert Clark (Kansas State University)


  • "Medieval Drama/Modern Theater: Presenting French Farces to Modern Audiences," David Beach (Radford University), Amanda Kellogg (Radford University), and Frank Napolitano (Radford University)
  • "Time’s Up on Marginalizing Medieval Drama: An Argument for Staging Hrotsvit’s Plays for Non-Specialist Audiences," Jenna Soleo-Shanks (University of Minnesota, Duluth)
  • "Don’t Cut the Rondeaux! Staging the French Farces Today," Mario B. Longtin (Western University)

MRDS Annual Business Meeting

Friday, May 10, 5:15 PM

Location: Bernhard Brown & Gold Room