Call for new Council and Executive committees members!

Dear MRDS Members,

It’s the time of year when we nominate people to serve on the MRDS’s Council and Executive Committee. On behalf of the Nominating Committee, which is made of Bob Clark, Carolyn Coulson, and me, I am asking you to submit nominations by April 26, 2021. The positions are described below.

Position: Vice President

  • Open Slot: 1
  • Candidates Needed: 2
  • 2-year commitment, after which the Vice-President becomes President, without an election, for a single, 2-year term.
  • The Vice President normally serves as the chair for the annual MRDS awards committee. If you have questions about how much of a commitment this is, please contact Carolyn Coulson or Bob Clark. Other responsibilities include infrequent discussions over email and requested attendance at the ICMS in Kalamazoo every May (or via Zoom, in our current, post-apocalyptic world).

Position: Council Member

  • Open Slots: 2
  • Candidates Needed: 4
  • 3-year commitment, with no more than two consecutive 3-year terms.
  • This will NOT occupy a lot of your time. We mostly engage in a few topics of discussion over email, and we ask that Council members try to attend the ICMS at Kalamazoo every May (or via Zoom, in our current, post-apocalyptic world). 

If you know of someone whom you’d like to nominate—or if you’d like to nominate yourself—please let me know. I’ll just need the nominees to provide me with a brief (150 words or so) bio that can accompany the ballot. Please let me or any member of the Nominating Committee know if you have any questions or concerns.




Dr. Frank M. Napolitano (he/him/his)

Associate Professor of English

Medieval and Renaissance Drama Society Secretary and Treasurer

Radford Unviersity, Box 6935

Radford, VA 24141