ROMARD: Research on Medieval and Renaissance Drama

ROMARD: Research on Medieval and Renaissance Drama (ISSN 0098-647X) is a peer-reviewed journal sponsored by the Medieval and Renaissance Drama Society (MRDS) and published annually by Medieval Institute Publications. With over three decades in operation, the journal aims to publish scholarly work focused on research, analysis, production, performance, or translations of performance, drama, theatre and theatricality broadly from 500-1650. Furthermore, ROMARD publishes in diverse formats and genres, such as essays, reviews, commentaries, translations, editions, and others.

Focus and Scope

ROMARD is an annual, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the dissemination and discussion of bold interdisciplinary approaches, methodologies, and conceptualizations regarding the study of drama, performance, theatre and theatricality from pre-modernity (500-1650). Additionally, ROMARD seeks work that expands the exploration of the dramatic impulses, theatrical phenomena, and performative material of the past, encompassing global cultures and histories. We invite full-length articles that challenge established narratives, definitions, documentation, and ontologies concerning historical performance and theatricality. Articles submitted may include—but are not limited to—archival research, historiographical analysis, literary criticism, performance theory, performance-as or performance-based research, historical dramaturgy, productions census, or efforts in translation of source materials.